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About Us (Our Context)

Help Humanity Organization Afghanistan which is referred to as HHOA, is a locally-founded nonprofit entity that was established in June 2013. Our goal is to aid in providing educational services to underserved boys and girls thereby making a significant impact. We are dedicated to enhancing the growth of communities and institutions, prioritizing the accessibility of education, and advocating for the protection and safety of children.
Although Afghanistan has been facing conflicts for over four decades, there have been notable advancements in the country’s education sector during the past two decades. In the year 2001, the availability of education was limited to only one million children in Afghanistan. Additionally, girls were mostly prohibited from gaining education. The Ministry of Education has officially released statistics indicating that there are presently over 9 million students enrolled in formal education in Afghanistan. Of this number, approximately 39% are girls, spanning across both public and private schools, as well as Community Based Education (CBE) programs.
While, we acknowledge the inherent obstacles of widespread educational deficits, geographic remoteness, and protracted strife, we remain steadfast and committed to gradual advancement. Our expertise lies in various aspects of education, including enhancing skills, training educators, creating educational resources, advocating for children’s rights, and combatting Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Afghanistan. By working alongside local and global non-governmental organizations, we have successfully served our shared goal of improving the lives of Afghan children.