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Akram Khan Zakee


Head Of Operation
Mr. Akram Khan Zakee has more than12 years of professional experience in Financial & Operational Management. He began his carrier at the Human Rights Research and Advocacy Consortium as Finance Manager. Similarly, Mr. Khan has worked with multiple national and international organizations and programs such as Asian Development Bank, GIZ, Oxfam Novib, Muslim Hands International, Joint Independent Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation etc.). Mr, Akram Khan Zakee has extensively worked under several international donor programs such as UNICEF, UNESCO, GIZ, UK’s Department for International Aid (DFID), Oxfam Novib, European Union, USAID etc.).
Mr. Akram Khan Zakee has Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Kardan University, Certified Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst with Corporate Finance Institute of Canada, Diploma in Business Management from Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK, Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Peshawar Pakistan.