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Teacher’s recruitment examination process – Jawzjan province

The Help Humanity Organization of Afghanistan (HHOA) has collaborated closely with UNICEF to initiate an examination process for recruiting teachers for CBE classes in four districts of Jawzjan province: Faizabad, Manchigak, Shibrghan, and Aqcha accordingly and a total of 388 candidates – comprising 122 males and 266 females – have been shortlisted for this purpose, which highlights the significant turnout of both male and female applicants. The examination proceedings are being closely monitored by both HHOA personnel and UNICEF technical extenders. The community mobilizers of HHOA Jawzjan are exerting optimum effort in ensuring a conducive setting for the examination. The examination ambiance was designed to make it equally advantageous for males and females, with each gender being separated and arranged in the most efficient manner possible.