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Skill building Training


The Help Humanity Organization of Afghanistan (HHOA) has launched a four-day skill-building workshop for all of its personnel, including those in the program, finance, human resources, and procurement departments, in coordination with an accredited training facility, to strengthen personnel capacity and ensure active participation from all HHOA personnel in the projects’ implementation. 
The training was facilitated by Wisdom Valley Training center which was funded by UNICEF, the Training Discussed Topics Consists of Project Management, PSEA (Prevention from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse), MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Leaning) , Finance Management and Reporting. 
The Capacity Development Training Recognizes Learners’ Involvement, Commitment, and Successful Knowledge Acquisition in the aforementioned disciplines. The Remarks of the most honored & the key members of the HHOA were concluded with the awarding of certificates to all Trainees, recognizing their Successful Completion of the Training Program, and Improving the Motivation for the Program Execution.